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Lisa Marie Sutton
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Onlyfans History

What is Onlyfans and why is this name so well-known all around the world?
Onlyfans launched in 2016 and is a subscription-based social media platform where all types of influencers can sell their content to users also known as fans.

Onlyfans is a platform that has received attention for its controversiality of becoming a platform for sex workers. Although it is also used by other types of talents as well such as artists, entertainers, personal trainers, chefs, and a lot more, it’s made for everyone to monetize their influence.

As the pandemic nad lock-downs hit, 4 years after the platform launched, sex workers started using the site when clubs and venues closed down and workers needed a new source of income (that was also possible to do from home). That’s when Onlyfans boomed and kind of how it got as big as it did was because of a growing list of celebrities such as Cardi B and Bhad Bhadie, advertising their presence on the platform.

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On here, you will find girls, non-binary girls, and trans people. The model you’re looking at might be your long-time crush, an old high-school classmate, or you might not know them at all. But no matter who or what makes your heart beat a little faster; we can promise you that all of them have plenty of adult content to offer you. Use our intuitive filters (choose to only see free or paid accounts) to filter down to fewer models if you so wish, because there are a lot of amazing Irish Onlyfans girls to see here. And make sure you keep an extra eye out for our promoted models, it’s a great way to see what Irish Onlyfans girls are really on top of their game!

There will be a lot of different types of people and content to see here, so don’t worry if you haven’t found anyone that rocks your socks off on the first page. Make a coffee, sit down, relax, and enjoy the ride because eventually, we’re sure you’ll find someone that’ll make you hit that Subscribe button. Our Irish Onlyfans girls might be from Northern Ireland, Belfast, Wexford, or Derry, close or far away from you. Either way, you’ll know that they have your accent, they are in your country, and they’re ready to please you.